Path 3: Professionals from Other Regulated Canadian Provinces

Regulated professionals in Canada may apply for registration in Ontario as “labour mobility” applicants. However, you must:

  1.  Hold an out-of-province certificate of registration from that provinces regulatory body (i.e. CSHBC, ACSLPA, SASLPA, CASLPM, OOAQ, NBASLPA, NLCHP, NSCASLP)  that is the same or substantially similar to the certificate of registration that you are applying for in Ontario.  CASLPO offers the following types of certificates:
    a.    General
    b.    Initial
    c.    Non-Practising
    d.    Academic
  2. Submit an application form for Labour Mobility Applicants. To obtain an application form, contact CASLPO’s Director of Registration Services.
  3. Provide information regarding your past conduct history (i.e. Information related to complaints, disciplinary, or other proceedings against you in any jurisdiction, in or outside of Canada, relating to your competence, conduct or character).
  4. Provide a letter from every regulatory body where you currently or have previously held a certificate of registration or license in audiology or speech-language pathology or any other regulated health profession, confirming that your certificate is in good standing.
  5. Provide evidence that you have provided patient care or related work in audiology or speech-language pathology during the three years immediately preceding the date on which the College received your application if you are applying for a general certificate in Ontario,
  6. Have professional liability insurance coverage.
  7. Pay all applicable fees.



Within 15 days of the date your application is received, you will receive an acknowledgment from the College of the receipt of your application.

If your application is incomplete:

You will receive a list of the supporting documents still outstanding via email.  Your application will not be processed until your application submission is complete.

If you meet the College’s requirements for a certificate of registration:

After your application has been reviewed and it has been determined that you are qualified for registration with CASLPO, you will be given a registration form to complete and send back to the College.  After receiving a completed registration form, the College takes approximately 1 week to process and grant registration.

If you do not meet the College’s requirements for a certificate of registration:

You will receive a formal “Notice of Referral” of your application to the Registration Committee within 30 days of the date the College’s acknowledgment that your application is complete.  This is a letter that outlines all the areas in which you appear to have deficiencies and serves as a referral to the Registration Committee, who will make the final decision regarding your registration.

You will have 30 days to make a written submission to the College regarding your application.  Your written submission may include but is not limited to the following items:

  1. An acknowledgment of your receipt of the Registrar’s notice of referral.
  2. A personal statement regarding the deficiencies found in your application.
  3. Any additional evidence to support your application.

After receiving your written submission, the Registration Committee will consider your application at their next meeting.

After considering all your application materials, the Registration Committee may make an order doing any one or more of the following:

  1. Directing the Registrar to issue a certificate of registration.
  2. Directing the Registrar to issue a certificate of registration if the applicant successfully completes material additional training, experience, examination or assessments specified by the panel.
  3. Directing the Registrar to refuse to issue a certificate of registration.

The Registration Committee’s decision will be provided to you in writing approximately 5 weeks following the Committee’s meeting date.

© 2024 CASLPO

© 2024 CASLPO

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