Application Timelines and Fees

Many factors influence the length of time it will take to process your application.  In order to prevent delays, you should make sure you have sent in all required information and documentation. 

Application Timeline Chart

The Application Timeline Chart provides a breakdown of the timelines associated with processing an application.

The charts below indicate the anticipated timelines for reviewing an application for a certificate of registration in audiology or speech-language pathology with the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario. However, please note that these timelines are approximations only, and the review of an application may take longer than indicated.

Applicants must allow time for the College to receive documents from other parties, including universities, credentialing agencies, other regulating bodies and past employers. Please note that the College is not responsible for any delays in receiving information from other parties.

Delays may also occur when the volume of applications received is heaviest. The last two weeks prior to the end of September are always extremely busy at the College.

Application timelines for graduates of accredited Canadian programs

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Application timelines for graduates of non-accredited Canadian and international programs

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The Fees Chart provides a listing of the fees associated with obtaining a certificate of registration and any other services provided by CASLPO.  

Fees are payable to CASLPO in Canadian Funds by MasterCard, Visa, cheque or money order.

Fees charged by CASLPO in accordance with the Fees By-law.
Fees chart


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