Mentorship Self Assessment Tool (MSAT)

We continue to experience a high number of inquiries, and a response from staff to your MSAT-related questions may be delayed. For mentorship extension requests, please fill out the Extension Request Form in the MSAT under “Mentee Resources” and submit to [email protected]

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The MSAT is an interactive online tool designed for use by the mentee and mentor during the mentorship period. It introduces the mentee to the process of self-assessment and practice evaluation that are integral to the College’s Quality Assurance (QA) Program. The MSAT mirrors the QA Program’s online Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) used annually by General members.

The MSAT allows for the following:

  • The mentee to assess their own practice
  • The mentor to assess the practice of the mentee
  • Mentors and mentees to exchange comments
  • Mentees to upload evidence and set learning goals
  • Mentors to submit midterm and final evaluation reports to the College using the tool


Access the Mentorship Self-Assessment Tool (MSAT)



1. When do I gain access to the MSAT?

The mentee and mentor gain access to the MSAT once a mentorship contract is approved by the College. This may take several days from the date your contract is submitted.

2. How do I log into the MSAT?

You can log in from the College’s MSAT webpage.  The first time you log-in, your username by default is your CASLPO registration number and your password by default is your last name with the first letter capitalized. If you have a hyphenated last name, include the hyphen and capitalize the first letter of both names. 

The MSAT will prompt you to change your username and password at your first log-in.

To ensure privacy and security, never share your MSAT login information. The mentee and mentor each have their own separate log ins.


3. How can I learn to use the MSAT?

You will learn how to use the MSAT when you log in and begin using the tool. When you first log-in, you land on a “Home” page that has a link to the MSAT Guide. The Guide has step-by-step instructions on how to use the tool from both the mentor’s and mentee’s view. At the top of each section of the MSAT there are short instructions to help you, followed by a link to the applicable part of the MSAT Guide.


4. What should I do if I forget my MSAT user name or password?

Click on Forgot your Password on the MSAT log-in page. You will be guided through the steps to re-set your username and password.


5. What should I do if I am having trouble using the MSAT?

Begin by reading the MSAT Guide. If you are still encountering an issue, e-mail [email protected]. Please include screen shots if possible, as these may help to resolve the problem more quickly.


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