COVID-19 Information

The provincial and federal government continue to update their COVID-19 resources. We encourage you to regularly review the websites of the Ministry of Health and Public Health Ontario (PHO) for the most accurate, up-to-date information. Please see the links below. Scroll to the latest published under the Guidance/Updates section.

For the Public

Ministry of Health dedicated COVID-19 web page.  This site is updated every day. The Ministry provides information on COVID-19, vaccines, cases and data, and resources.

Public inquiries should be directed to Telehealth Ontario at 1.866.797.0000 or the local public health agency.

Management of Cases and contacts of COVID-19 in Ontario (June 2, 2022; Version 14.2)

For additional resources, visit CASLPO’s website, Practice Advice, and the External Links page.

Mental Health

Toronto's CAMH has assembled information to help people with concerns and questions about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their lives and mental well-being.
They also have Mental Health and COVID-19 Resources for Health Care Workers during COVID-19

The Royal (Mental Health - Care & Research) | Resources
Ministry of Health-Ministry of Long-Term Care | Mental Health and Addictions
Canadian Mental Health Association


For Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists

Providing Patient Care in a Pandemic - Access Pandemic Practice Advice Topics and more 

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  1. MOH and CMOH Lift Most Masking Requirements on June 11 (June 10, 2022)

Updates from the Ministry

Ministry of Health dedicated website for the health workers and health employers regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Living With and Managing COVID-19 - Technical Media Briefing - March 9, 2022

  • Directive #1 for Health Care Providers and Health Care Entities (Revoked June 11, 2022)
  • Directive #2 for Health Care Providers and Health Care Entities (Revoked February 10, 2022)
    • Directive #2 Revoked - Questions and Answers (Revoked June 11, 2022)
  • Directive #2.1 for Health Care Providers-System Coordination (Revoked June 11, 2022)
  • Directive #3 for Health Care Providers and Health Care Entities LTC Homes (Revoked June 11, 2022)
  • Directive #4 for Ambulance Services and Paramedics (Revoked June 11, 2022)
  • Directive #5 for PPE in Hospitals and LTC Homes 2 (Revoked June 11, 2022)
    • Directive #5 - Questions and Answers (Revoked June 11, 2022)
  • Directive #6 for Public Hospitals within the meaning of the Public Hospitals Act, Service Providers in accordance with the Home Care and Community Services Act, 1994 - (REVOKED Effective March 14, 2022)
Health Workforce Matching Portal (Formerly COVID-19 Health Care Provider Recruitment) 

If you are interested, please register with Ontario's Health Workforce Matching Portal.  If you are selected, you will be contacted directly by the Ontario Government.  They will provide further direction.  CASLPO is not involved in selecting and deploying health professionals.
Healthcare Provider Hotline and Information Line

Health sector professionals and organizations can call the Healthcare Provider Hotline 1-866-212-2272 (toll free) for policy guidance related to COVID-19, urgent situations and information on Ministry programs. Please be aware, the Hotline is unable to provide clinical advice regarding the management of cases. 

Health sector professionals and organizations can call the "Stop The Spread" Business Information Line at: 1-888-444-3659 for advice on essential and non-essential services in the province.

Updates from Government of Canada:

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