Audiology Problems – An Overview

Consult an audiologist if you experience any of the following problems or if you have any concerns relating to hearing:


  • You notice that your baby is not responding to sound
  • Your child has recurrent ear infections
  • Your child complains of ear aches
  • Your child's speech and/or language is delayed
  • Your child's speech is unclear or difficult to understand
  • You notice that you need to turn up the TV or radio volume excessively
  • You have a history of industrial noise exposure
  • You have a genetic ear disorder
  • You experience ringing in your ears (tinnitus) and/or dizziness

If you have concerns about your child's, a family member's or your own hearing, you may contact an audiologist in your community. The College can assist you in finding an audiologist in your geographic area.

Audiologists work closely with and will often refer clients to other health professionals, such as physicians, and speech-language pathologists in the provision of hearing health care services.

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