Policy and Application for Therapy Funding

Patient Relations Committee Policy – August 2020  (Please see the Funding for Therapy Application Form)

The following policy has been established by the Patient Relations Committee (PRC) to provide guidance with respect to the administration of funding for therapy and counselling for patients who were sexually abused by an Audiologist or Speech-Language Pathologist registered with CASLPO.


A patient is eligible for funding for therapy and counselling when:

  1. a complaint is made which alleges that a patient was sexually abused by an Audiologist or Speech-Language Pathologist, or
  2. the Registrar has initiated an investigation with respect to allegations that a patient was sexually abused by an Audiologist or Speech-Language Pathologist.

A patient’s eligibility does not constitute a finding of guilt against an Audiologist or Speech-Language Pathologist. Further, the provision of funding will not be considered by any other committee of the College dealing with the Audiologist or Speech-Language Pathologist. 

Therapist or Counsellor

A patient who is eligible for funding may choose any therapist or counsellor, subject to the following requirements:

  1. Therapist/Counselor is not in a family relationship with the patient
  2. Therapist/Counselor has not been found guilty of professional misconduct of a sexual nature
  3. Therapist/Counselor has not been found guilty of a criminal or civil offence of a sexual nature
  4. Therapist/Counselor who is not a regulated health professional, will be required to sign an Acknowledgement and Undertaking with the College agreeing that they are not the subject of professional discipline
Funding Availability

Funding will depend upon the specific circumstances of each application, to a limit of 200 half-hour sessions of individual out-patient psychotherapy paid by OHIP (approximately $16,060). If some costs for therapy and counselling are paid for by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) or by a private insurer, the College funding will be reduced by that amount.

Funding may be provided for up to five (5) years from the date written notice is provided to the patient that the PRC has approved the application.

Funding will cease in the following circumstances:

  1. At the conclusion of five (5) years or utilization of the maximum funds provided by the PRC, or
  2. At the conclusion of an Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee investigation into allegations of sexual abuse which results in no further action.

Patients can apply for funding by submitting the application to the PRC:

Patient Relations Committee
c/o Registrar of College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologist of Ontario
175 Bloor Street East, North Tower, Suite 601
Toronto  ON  M4W 3R8

Funding for Therapy Application


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