External Support

The following external resources are available to Internationally Educated Health Professionals (IEHPs) at no cost:

Hire IEHPs

The Health Force Integration Research and Education for Internationally Educated Health Professionals (HIRE IEHPs) project aims to support successful integration of internationally educated health professionals into Canadian workplaces.

The project has three distinct components that include free online educational resources for IEHPs and employers:

1. Prep (Practice Readiness e-Learning Program):

A series of online video-based courses designed for professionals.

2. WIN (Workplace Integration Network Program):

A series of practical online courses designed for employers.

3. Alternative Career Program: Career Options e-Resource:

Online modules and tools designed to explore alternative career options.

To access these resources, visit the HIRE IEHP website at www.hireiehps.com.

Ontario Regulators for Access Consortium (ORAC)

The Ontario Regulators for Access Consortium (ORAC) provides internationally educated professionals with information and resources on how to become registered to work in Ontario, including a free online orientation module.

To access this module, click here or visit the ORAC website at www.regulatorsforaccess.ca.

Health Force Ontario (HFO)

Health Force Ontario (HFO) provides the following resources for IEHPs:

1. Employment Resources Starter Kit

A document developed to direct IEHPs to helpful tools and organizations along the path to a new career.

2. Orientation to the Canadian Health Care System

a. Part I - A video focusing on the role of the federal and provincial/territorial governments in the Canadian Health Care System

b. Part II - A video focusing on the provincial delivery of health care.

To access these resources, visit the HFO website at www.healthforceontario.ca


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© 2024 CASLPO

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