In 2015, the Council developed a comprehensive, 3-year Strategic Plan that directs significant attention to innovative methods to fulfill our role as protector of the public interest. The Council underwent a thorough review of all the risks and opportunities that lay ahead and created 3 high-level goals, along with specific projects that will move us towards our goals and allow us to measure progress along the way.

Here's a quick review of the goals, how they protect the public, and what progress we have made in our first year.

Goal 1:

Increase the Public's Awareness of the College and its Members

We are protecting the public by reaching out to them directly and letting them know our members are regulated, which means they can expect a high quality of knowledge, skill and judgement. This year we have embarked on the most significant public awareness campaign ever! Our progress includes:

  • Developing a series of videos about the two professions and running them in over 60 medical clinics across Ontario in May and October, 2016, resulting in over 1 million impressions combined!
  • Providing brochures in these same medical clinics
  • Creating sponsored Facebook posts, resulting in over 300,000 views

Goal 2:

Enhance the Members' Quality of Practice

We are protecting the public by supporting our members so they meet the standards of practice when serving the public. This year our progress includes:

  • Increasing the number of peer assessments
  • Developing a tool that will provide a reliable measure of clinical reasoning, a cornerstone to quality practice
  • Enhancing our focus on interprofessional practice in all new documents

Goal 3:

Increase Transparency, Effectiveness and Efficiency

We are protecting the public by providing more information that is easier to find and understand. This year our progress includes:

  • Posting more information on our website about our members and our services
  • Improving access to the public register
  • Developing information that is accessible for the communicatively impaired population that members serve
The next 2 years of our Strategic Plan will see more projects coming to completion and more public outreach.


The work of CASLPO affects all our stakeholders.

As a public consumer, a professional member, a regulatory colleague or as a public servant, the CASLPO Strategic Plan will serve as a road map that outlines where we are going and how we will get there. Knowing and understanding our strategic plan will enable all to anticipate the achievements of CASLPO, participate in our processes and share in our success!

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