Practice Advice

Practice Advice is an important service CASLPO provides to the membership. Members benefit from the one on one conversations and advice to help meet standards of practice thereby protecting the public. Dedicated staff answer questions in English and French about legislation, regulations, standards of practice and College expectations and how they apply to different areas of professional practice.

CASLPO does not provide legal advice. Also Practice Advice is provided in response to specific inquiries and may not be relevant in all circumstances. Finally, the Practice Advice Program is intended to support but not replace professional judgment.


Alexandra Carling, Director of Professional Practice and Quality Assurance

Sarah Chapman-Jay, Speech Language Pathology Practice Advisor; English-language
416-975-5347 ext. 228
1-800-993-9459 (Ontario)

Samidha Joglekar, Audiology Advisor and Manager of Mentorship; English/French Language

416-975-5347 ext. 220
1-800-993-9459 (Ontario)

David Beattie, Speech Language Pathology Practice Advisor, French-language

Practice standards set out the professional expectations of audiologists and SLPs. They are the minimum knowledge, skills and judgement needed to practice safely and provide quality service to the public. Practice standards can be found in documents such as legislation, regulations, CASLPO published Practice Standards, Guidelines, Position Statements and other documents. Practice standards can also be unwritten, comprised of those generally accepted practices, principles, and techniques adopted by consensus by members of the profession. Members must take the time to read written standards and identify unwritten standards and apply them to their profession and area of practice.

Please review the articles below to help answer any questions you might have.

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