Professional Corporations

As regulated professionals, audiologists and speech-language pathologists have the option of incorporating their practice as a professional corporation. 

If you require legal and/or financial advice regarding incorporation, you must contact a lawyer and/or an accountant.
Benefits of professional corporations are:

  • Access to external investment funding
  • Advantages of corporate tax rules
  • Corporate status

Key features of professional corporations are:

  1. Professional liability is not limited by incorporation.
  2. The name of the professional corporation must include the words “Professional Corporation” or “Société Professionelle” and cannot be a number name.
  3. The shareholders of a professional corporation must be members of the College and must be from the same profession.
  4. The professional corporation may not carry on a business other than the practice of the profession.

To become a “professional corporation”, you may apply to obtain a Certificate of Authorization from CASLPO.

Certificate of Authorization Package Downloads:

For a listing of all active and inactive audiology and speech-language pathology professional corporations in Ontario, click here.

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