Initial Practice Period

CASLPO’s Initial Practice Period (IPP) allows individuals to develop the competencies necessary to comply with CASLPO’s standards of practice and demonstrate their readiness to practice in Ontario.

The IPP is a minimum of six months in length.  This period is completed under the guidance of a general member of CASLPO.  A mentorship contract must be submitted to the College of during the first 30 days of an individual’s membership as an Initial Practice Registrant (IPR) of CASLPO.  IPRs must reflect on their performance through self-assessment as they proceed through the IPP.  Assessments are completed by the IPR and their mentor midway through and at the end of the IPP. 

In order to start your IPP and obtain credit for the hours completed, you must first become registered as an initial member of CASLPO.

Time spent with your mentor before the College has issued a certificate of registration to you, cannot be used to satisfy the requirements for mentorship.

For an overview of CASLPO’s mentorship program, please review the following:

 Initial Practice Period Guidelines
 Lignes directrices sur la période d’entrée en exercice

 Initial Practice Period Forms
 Formulaires à remplir pendant la période d’entrée en exercice

This website is intended to provide information to the public and members.  Should there be differences in documentation previously distributed to CASLPO members, it is up to the member to source the latest version posted on the CASLPO website.